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I changed my url kinda promo


  • mbf moi (I was killianjoens)
  • First 50 to reblog
  • Likes do not count
  • Must reach 30 or I’ll fall into oblivion
  • Favorites bolded, mutuals like this
  • New follows will be indicated
  • You have ‘till 8pm tonight, aka when I come back from my exam


"But you can’t fight this war on your own, Mr. Potter. He’s too strong.”

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Regard Magazine April 2014 featuring Lana Parrilla
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→ When your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however you must help them back to their feet

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I changed my url kinda promo

"you might make it boy, but by the skin of your teeth"
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With all of us sitting there weeping you’d think we were getting together to do some really important Merchant Ivory movie…’

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hello! so I forgot about my March botm and just did not do my April one at all, so I think I’ll do this one for you!! :)


  • Must be following MEOW
  • Must be a fandom blog!
  • Only one reblog to enter
  • You can like this, but likes don’t count.
  • Must get at least 20 notes or I’ll go and cry in a hole
  • 1 winner, 2 runner ups (depending on how many notes)
  • Will choose winner the first week of May!

What I’m Looking for:

  • quality posts
  • rad url
  • clean theme
  • nice people!!!!!!

What the winner gets!!!:

  • A link in my sidebar
  • a follow back from me
  • promos whenever you wish
  • My love and adoration
  • A post and graphic saying you won!! YAYYY!

What the runners up get!:

  • A follow back
  • 3 promos whenever you wish for them
  • a post saying you’re a runner up
  • Also some love and adoration :D
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exfuckingscuse you

Im going to go rip off my arm now